This blog shall be dedicated exclusively to traveling and everything related to not being in one place.

At the moment, this is a pilot project, for what has become now my fourth blog presence. However, it may or may not include as much tomfoolery I have portrayed in previous appearances. Additionally, this blog used to be on Blogger, but that platform is like Google’s abandoned ugly child with no appeal.

Being that I do photography and decided to travel extensively over the past few years, I’ve managed to catch  moments, not only through the camera, but also capture experiences through emotions that are “lived to tell the tale.” The title, however, pertains more to the characteristic of my personality which tends to incline on the cranky side, involuntarily more than by choice. Though the latter is rather my favorite. And it’s not my fault that people generally piss me off. 🙂

This blog, perhaps will be guided in a completely new direction, as opposed to what I’ve written before in the archives of my other personal blog. I will see how the niche is felt in the corridors of this new endeavor, by means of what I spew forth with my words.


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